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Feb 14 2011

海盗与王船 (The Pirate & The Emperor’s Ship)

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The notorious “Pirate King” Tan Lian Lay (aka Tan Teck Hui) once terrorised the waters of Perak Malaysia and Bagan Siap-Api, Indonesia. His personal story and the history of his coastal bases are a mix of fact, fiction, legend, myth and religious belief.

Field researcher Lee Eng Kew (aka Ah Kew) retraces how a notorious criminal went from being a powerful gang leader to a hunted man, and later became revered as a deity. It is a story that encompasses the WWII Japanese occupation of South East Asia, the British colonial rule, and the power of the assimilation of myth into history, which still affects people today.

The Pirate and the Emperor’s Ship is the second collaboration between Eng Yow and Eng Kew, after the documentary, Ah Kew The Digger.

田野调查/主持人 : 李永球
制作/导演/剪接 : 邱涌耀
摄影 : 罗伟义 & 邱涌耀
中文字幕 : 李永球
英文字幕 : Allan Koay
发行 : 大荒电影

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